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I shot the fish of a lifetime!

Garrett Josemans

I want to thank you for building me such wonderful spearguns. They shoot so straight and look more bad ass than any other guns. I love the accuracy and range of the ONO gun. The GR-55 is so fun to hunt with. I feel like I can’t miss.

Adam Dambrackas

The minute I got in the water I just couldn’t believe how well the gun was balanced. The accuracy of this gun is absolutely phenomenal: point your finger and shoot – BAM!

Jason Wood

Thanks a ton Daryl, from Calicos to Palegics – the gun does it all.

Joe Zambrano

I want to thank you for the this accurate gun.

Eng. Fayez Jarrad

That gun is deadly accurate!

Jonathan Chambers

Your guns are hands down THE BEST!!

Jim Pember

This is the straightest shooting gun I have ever shot.

Larry Smith

The gun… saved my life.

Andrew Rubin

I swear your guns attract fish!

Kyle Dodder

The gun is super accurate and has plenty of power to penetrate these pargos.

Chad Parker

The gun works great & I couldn’t be happier!

Jake Wright

Been loving my Nor’easter. Finally got a fish worth taking a picture of. Not your typical NE fish but still a blast!

Ryan Zwick

The gun seemed to have eyes and laser focus.

Michael Burdi MD

Thanks for the amazing gun Daryl, it performed flawlessly!

Dave Bond

…the gun is perfect!

Drew Edson

Loving my Daryl Wong Ono these days perfect for big tunas in cloudy blue water.

Joe Farlo

The GR Plus could not be a better match for my style of hunting…

John Musser

I really love the gun!

Rick Hadley

Out of 8 great divers 13 fish were taken in which I took 8 of them. Like I said it was a magic gun!!! I will never shoot anything else! Thanks again!

Johnny Wizman

You can’t possibly imagine how happy and grateful I am with my new gun.

Lee Yanes

I love shooting your gun! Especially in the kelp.

Paul Zylstra

…every time I dive my fiancé tries to steal my gun!

Monique K

Perfect gun for medium visibility.

Ian Mg

…all my buddies are jealous of the gun.


Just wished I’d bought one earlier.

Joseph Lewsley

It is by far the best gun I have ever shot and my cousin has every type of gun out there.

Mitch Kraus

I feel like I can’t miss. Plus this gun is so sexy, so well balanced, it makes me be a smoother diver, like a good woman will make you a better man.

Darren Bertonneau