Glossary for Beginners


In rubber-powered spearguns, bands made of rubber propel the spear.


On a hybrid speargun, it is the tubular section that extends beyond the wooden stock. Wong gun barrels are made of carbon fiber.

Blue Water

The open ocean. Fish that swim in the open ocean are called pelagic fish, as pelagic means open ocean. Blue water spearguns are designed to hunt pelagic fish.

Hybrid Speargun

A speargun with a wood stock and a tubular barrel. Daryl Wong barrels are made of top quality carbon fiber.

Loading Tab

A metal fixture on a rubber-powered speargun that allows the spearfisher to load the gun in two easier pulls instead of a longer strenuous pull. The bands are pulled and hooked onto the loading tab. A second pull locks the bands into the trigger mechanism (see Wishbone). See also, the video in Beginners – Proper Set Up.


The piece that goes on the end of the muzzle on a hybrid speargun. The bands run through holes in the muzzle.


A spool that holds the spear’s fishing line, similar to the reel on a rod/reel fishing pole.

Slip Tip

A spear tip that screws onto the end of a threaded spear shaft. After penetrating a fish, the slip tip come off and holds the fish on the line. See the video in Beginners – Proper Set Up.


A spearfisher, especially an avid one.

Squid Bone

A Squid Bone speargun has a curvy, hydrodynamic shape which makes it easier to maneuver.


The wooden part of a speargun.


A raceway that guides the spear on a straight path and prevents flexing. A track is said to be open if a spear can be “dropped” into it. An enclosed track almost surrounds the spear, which requires that the spear be inserted at one end. An enclosed track that does not run the length of the gun is referred to as semi-enclosed. An enclosed track that runs the length of the gun is called fully-enclosed.

Trigger Mechanism

A mechanical device which holds the bands in a state of tension until released by a trigger.


Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is the material used in spear line. Read a more detailed description in Beginners – Gun Parts.


The part of a propulsion band that locks into the trigger mechanism, putting the gun in a loaded state. For easier loading, a wishbone can be temporarily hooked onto a loading tab (see Loading tab).