World Famous

Daryl Wong


Daryl Wong with speared fish
Daryl Wong with a fish
Daryl Wong with a wahoo (fish)

Every Daryl Wong Speargun

I use only the finest old-growth teak. Less mature plantation teak is weaker and less dense, while mahogany and padauk are less water-resistant. Varnish and lacquer provide a beautiful, low-maintenance finish. For my hybrid speargun barrels, I use the highest quality carbon fiber. I hand-assemble trigger mechanisms and test them to 600 pounds. For quality assurance, a few in each batch are tested to the breaking point, normally between 1250 and 1750 pounds. The handle is made from one of the strongest polymer polycarbonates (used in bullet-proof material). The open pistol grip fits all hand sizes and is easy to handle. Finally, all of my spearguns are perfectly balanced and carry a lifetime warranty.

Awards, Honors, and Recognition

In the Media:

  • Let’s go Fishing (TV)
  • Outdoor Hunter Underwater Speargun Hunter (TV)
  • Field & Stream’s Hawaii State Gun

Personal Records:

  • 5 times world record holder
  • 2004 US National Team Champion
  • Inducted into the 2011 Hawaii Spearfishing Hall Of Fame

More than 64 world records have been associated with Daryl Wong spearguns, including 7 US National Championships and 3 US National Team Championships.

Sponsorships and Contributions

  • Broward Longfins
  • Kevin Piper Memorial
  • Key West Open (Big Brother/Big Sister)
  • Kona/Hilo YMCA – North Atlantic Jr. Championships
  • La Paz World Cup Spearfishing Championships
  • Long Beach Neptunes
  • Los Angeles Fathomiers
  • Mass Freedivers
  • Massachusetts Freedivers
  • Richard “Sonny” Tanabe Invitational
  • Freediving Tournament
  • San Diego Freedivers Club
  • Southern Open Florida Spearfishing Championships
  • SPUCS – St. Pete Open
  • Tobago Freedive Spearfishing Challenge
  • U.S. Nationals Tournament