Reef Spearguns

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Florida Freeshafter

An enclosed track makes this speargun extremely accurate. There is no shaft whipping and no line in the way. Great for hogfish and groupers, scuba divers love the fast and easy loading.

Reef Spearguns – Hybrid

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Hybrid guns combine the best features of a Euro-style pipegun and an American traditional wood gun. Hybrids have a carbon fiber barrel and a teak stock. They are light, maneuverable, accurate, and well-balanced.

Semi-enclosed-track hybrids prevent shaft whipping that can occur with open-track guns when powered up. Semi-enclosed track guns are easier loading. In fact, it is one of the faster-loading gun designs. The shaft experiences minimal travel and the enclosed section guides it into the mechanism.

The hybrid design is best overall. There are styles and sizes for all types of diving, visibility, and game. They are great for reefs, wrecks, rigs, kelp, and anywhere there are fish. They are extremely accurate and silent with an accutrack guide and state of the art hardware. High-tech and traditional properties make them fun to shoot. They are workhorses.

GR Hybrid

The “G.R.” gun has an enclosed track and is named after a well-known Florida freediver. He helped with the design and did well with it in tournaments.

Squid Bone Hybrid

Squid Bones are the ulimate hybrid, with hand-shaped laminate side stocks and precision ballasting. They have minimal recoil, increased accuracy, and maximum maneuverability thanks to their hydrodynamic shape. They range from a 36 inch pistol to a 63 inch ono gun.